About – How To Teach Your Kids To Swear

How To Teach Your Kids To Swear begins with the age old question, should parents teach their kids to swear or is it better to forbid those nasty words. How do you decide what you are comfortable with as a parent and how exactly do you navigate through the swearing and teaching minefield without offending people. It also addresses the differences in parenting styles from a more conservative parent that would shelter their children from situations in which swearing would be seen or heard, to the more liberal parent who feels an open door is the best policy. You will see not only how those differences clash but how sometimes they play off each other successfully. Specific stories and examples are used pitting parental preferences against each other to display outrageously funny and creative resolutions to the most entertaining of situations.

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As you continue to read you will uncover many different controversial topics, such as the importance of educating your children about email and social networking. How posting things on Facebook, for example, can affect them, be offensive to those who see it and the kinds of outcomes it may have. No stone is left unturned in this book. The stories continue to be light and fun even when diving into dicey subjects such as racism and discrimination. Dramatic real life portrayals provide the reader with the amusement and delight that is so needed, plus the guidance they are seeking to get through these embarrassing situations. Covering more commonly related scenarios like what to do when your child swears at a family event, is a staple for this book as well.

You can purchase a copy at  today.


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