How To Battle the Winter Blues with Kids

Winter can be a lot of fun if you like the cold, but if you don’t it can be clausterphobic and plain and simply long painful torture. Medically speaking you could take extra Vitamin D and get a sun lamp but other than that you need to find a way to get out of the house. The extensive time locked together in the house can drive everyone nuts. Here are a few of my favorite things to do to battle the horrors of winter…

If you have a bit of cash to burn a weekend away at a hotel with a pool is a huge hit with everyone. It doesn’t even need to be one of those massive pool places, just a regular pool will do. It’s a taste of summer and it breaks the monotony of winter for a couple of days and give you some power to keep going.

Not much cash? No problem. Find a day activity that you can all do. A day pass at a pool, bowling, roller skating, indoor ice skating or an indoor golf center.

Freebies – check with your local municipalities for things that are going on in the area. Special family activities are often offered at libraries, art galleries, malls, community colleges and many other venues. Check in advance and try and plan time out as much as possible to get the full benefit of these events.

Stay strong Spring is on the way!



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