Practicing What You Preach

Sometimes when I write these advise blogs I think to myself, this is good advise but if I was a parent reading it I might scoff and say “easier said than done!” Well for all you scoffers out there I am getting a taste of my own medicine right now and it is BITTER!!!

My two youngest seem to be trapped in the Twilight Zone of never ending nit picking and bickering, driving me to the edge of sanity – maybe past there too. I’m not sure if this is a stage they are growing through or if the full moon is coming or what but it has gotten quite bad. For example I walk in the house – at any time, doesn’t matter  when – and one of them will look at the other, my son starts making noises like Godzilla and my daughter starts roaring like King Kong.

I have taken my own advise, I’m not taking them out in public, I’m taking lots of time outs for myself…I find locking myself in the bathroom to be quite a lovely escape and of course they both receive consequences for their behaviors. Patience though is the one that is breaking me down.

I will do my best but to all the other parents scoffing at my advice blogs – please know, I have suffered through the same steps as you. I feel your pain.

Stay strong no stage lasts forever ❤

godzilla{That’s me in the middle trying to keep the peace 😉 }


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