Fun Winter Crafts

Bit of a new twist on an old fun favorite – everyone loves playing with water guns in the warm summer sun. Why not give it a new twist and get those guns out of storage?

Instead of using regular water, fill your guns with different colored cool aid, the more colors the better of course. Once you have your guns filled up, dress up warmly and head outside. The catch of course is that you aren’t using them to shoot each other you use them to make colorful designs in the snow.

If your kids are a bit older and up for more of a challenge you could bring out some stencils and try and make specific things as opposed to abstract art.

As well if you are the hibernating family type and you don’t like going out into the cold you could use the different shaped sand building equipment and fill them with the colorful cool aid and stick them outside to freeze over night. The next day you children will be pleasantly surprised to find colorfully frozen starfish, boats or whatever other shapes you used. If you have enough buckets and the weather is expected to hold out long enough you could freeze multiple buckets of colored water and then use them to build an ice castle as opposed to a sand castle.

Happy Crafting!!!

water guns


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