How To Teach Your Kids To Swear Tips…

Crazy things happen to everyone and while they are happening they are not always so funny. It is much easier to laugh at them later. To hear that these things happen to other people makes you feel normal and not like life is always raining on you. It brings relief and humor back to the forefront and is just the perspective you need to have when raising a family. Each story in “How To Teach Your Kids To Swear” has its own unique problems and resolutions. The suggestions that are given to help solve these issues are presented in a way that will help the reader understand the consequences and the feelings of the people involved. This helps you to understand not only how to work with these unwanted behaviors but also how to help prevent them from happening again.

The prevailing mentality of raising children from the child’s perspective is that Mom and Dad are the boss and what we say goes. In this book, that way of thinking is challenged, it is suggested you think of things from your child’s perspective. How would you like it if someone treated you this way? This type of thinking helps the parent put things into a situation that they can easily relate to, as opposed to thinking about things as a parent only.

Parents are certainly not born with the innate knowledge of how to handle every parenting situation, and they definitely do not think that their parents did it all right, so they can’t rely on those answers for everything. To be able to “translate” current child behavior problems into, “what would I do with this at work or with my friends” and then use it in a child friendly way, is a very non-intimidating and uncomplicated style of parenting that is not commonly seen in other child rearing books.

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