Picture Day Drama

It is that time of the year again – no not a holiday or a special season, something much, much worse… picture day at school! At my house I am gone for work before anyone gets up, so Dad gets the kiddies ready each day. I usually lay out clothes for C, otherwise it is more than likely I would come home to a clashy, mismatched Kindergartner.

For picture day I decided I would try and braid C’s hair and hope that it held together well enough that it still looked good the next morning. I spent a grueling 45 minutes working with her hair. Pulling it out, trying again, doing it differently – the end result was lovely and I was sure it would hold well. I laid out her “picture” clothes and put her to bed and then went into the kitchen to make a coffee. It was then that I noticed the calendar, which clearly stated picture day was the following week.

This is one of those swearing moments that just jump out and surprise you – but I held it together well and just laughed it off.

Yesterday was a really crazy day for me. I was just slammed at work and then when I got home it just continued with the kids all night long until bed. This morning things went smoothly and I was thinking positive thoughts – it’s a fresh new day and it’s going to be great. That was working really well for me until H called me at work to find out what he should dress C in for picture day!!!!

I don’t care what anyone else says – sometimes swearing just makes you feel better – lol



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