Favorite Canadian Winter Treat

It’s February in Canada and during late February & March depending where you are in Canada it is time to tap the maple trees. If you get the opportunity to go & try tapping a maple tree – DO IT! Once you’ve finished tapping the trees you get to make all sorts of maple yummyness…maple syrup, maple candy, essentially everything maple. Don’t get me wrong I love the table syrup from the grocery store just like the next person but fresh real maple syrup puts all that other stuff to shame.

In the U.S. there is Starbucks & Bigby’s and they have lots of great drinks but here in Canada, I must proclaim that the Second Cup holds the trophy for their Maple Latte. It is even better than the pumpkin or gingerbread latte’s – if there’s anyone out there with pull at Starbucks or Bigby’s you need to check out Canadian Maple baby 😉



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