Spring Cleaning: A Family Event

Spring cleaning can be a tedious chore and at my place many times it just falls on good old Mom to take care of. It doesn’t have to be that way though. When I was young my Mom used to have seasonal fashion shows. Set up your runway and have your kiddies try on all of their spring clothes and walk the walk to see if their clothes still fit or if they need new stuff. Mom and Dad get a clipboard to mark down notes to themselves if they need more t-shirts, pants, etc. Each child gets a garbage bag to put their small stuff in so it can be donated after the show. Once they are done with the clothes they should go through their rooms and pick out any toys or other junk that they no longer want, need or play with.

To encourage participation offer to prepare or take them out for their favorite dinner, or you could choose to do a special fun family activity. My kids – even the teens – like Wii Dance night, apparently Mom & Dad are just side splitting fun to watch 😉

spring cleaning


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