March Break Fun

Sometimes getting away just isn’t a possibility, but that doesn’t mean your March Break has to be a big let down. Here are a few ideas to try and find something different to do with your time that will be fun and special for the kids even if it’s local.

Check out what’s going on at your local movie theaters. Many theaters have times and dates that they show older movies for a much cheaper rate. I would bet that they will have lots of older family movies showing during March Break.

The Library may sound lame, but they typically have a lot of free things going on for the community during these times. Even if you don’t like what they have going on they have lots of books, magazines and movies that you can borrow for free. It gets you all out of the house too.

Find out what is happening in your local malls. They just love to get people in the doors so that they will hopefully shop or eat while they are there. Many times they have free entertainment to attract families in. Check out their websites for times and details. Sometimes they have sidewalk sales that coincide – which is always a bonus 🙂

Last but not least check out your municipalities website for what is going on in your area. They will be posting and likely advertising in newspapers, etc to try and attract families from all around to come and spend time in your city. There should be lots of activities with varying price points for you to look at.


march break


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