Parental Hostages

I’ve been trying to get B to pick something to get involved with all year. He’s been resistant to put it mildly. I decided it was time to get him into something so I forced him to attend a Ventures (like Scouting but older) meeting to see if he liked it. He was miserable about the entire thing but after he attended the meeting he wasn’t so bad. He said he had some “items” he wanted to discuss before he joined the group. I was feeling pretty good about that and thinking that finally I had found a way to get him involved in some extra activities.

About an hour later he presented me with the ransom note – if I did not meet his demands to purchase specific collectables and agree to get him his choice of fast food items before camps he would not agree to attend. This letter came complete with an acceptance of terms clause and a signature line.

I have to say, it was good for a laugh and then when my husband came home we enjoyed that laugh together. 14 years old and he’s trying to hold me hostage to his demands. He is definitely an inventive child. I advised him that after further discussions and formal meeting were held between his father and I we would submit our response which would like include amendments to his demands.

LOL – what a kid!!!



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