The Swear Jar

Do you have a swear jar? I don’t use the swear jar personally but I suppose there could be some validity to it. There is a penalty for swearing so that you realize you said something wrong, parents have to pay up for the swear jar as well and you get to save up money for some greater purpose.

I think I would just warn you to be careful with the theme of the jar and the money aspect. The whole idea of a swear jar is kind of funny. When people get caught swearing everyone giggles and they put a quarter in. You are in a way making swearing a type of game like hide and seek. Also if your child doesn’t really have a concept about money yet it’s pretty pointless because they aren’t understanding this as a consequence. Last but not least watch what you do with the swear jar money. If there’s a jar of money hanging around the house teens are likely to pull out some loose change and go out to get a slushy with friends or if you are using it save up for something rewarding like vacation money or family movie night than you are defeating the purpose and the swear jar has just become a reward jar.

The swear jar can be a useful tool if used right, just be careful not to miss out on opportunities to discuss behavior either. Kids learn better when they understand the consequences of their action much more than if they get a slap on the wrist.

swear jar


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