The Reward Trap

Many families use a reward system to encourage children to behave or do the things that parents would like, for example, picking up their toys. What happens though as your children grow and their tastes in rewards grow more expensive? It could easily break the bank having to keep up with all the gizmos and gadgets that kids want today.

Here’s my suggestion:

As kids grow older take the opportunity to use the reward system as a dual learning tool. If you were letting them pick dollar store toys out of the reward bin and that’s grown old, use money instead. Whatever the system is that you’ve been using can still be used, so if your child has to get 10 stickers in order to pick a prize, it still holds true they just get to pick a dollar instead. Then your child can use this to learn about how to save their money for what they want. Do they want to blow their dollar on candy at the corner store or would they like to save it up to buy an action figure? It can be a tough transition because the reward is not as immediately gratifying but that’s the way it is in the world and as children get older they are able to understand concepts like saving up and they are important ones to learn.

Good luck!!!

reward chart


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