April Fools with Kids

Are you ready for April Fools? It’s just around the corner. My kids love April Fools Day, they are always trying to figure out how to prank me any which way they can. I think this year I’m going to try and get ahead of them and have some pranks all planned out for them. Feel free to use my ideas or perhaps they will inspire you to come up with some goodies of your own….

– food coloring in the milk for breakfast – nothing like some crazy color milk in your cereal to get your kiddies giggling!

– oooh perhaps vaseline on their bedroom door knobs…okay now I’m giggling

– once they get to school they think they’re safe from you and they’ll never suspect – this is the best opportunity to April Fools them in their lunch bag, wrap their lunch in bubble wrap or newspaper or fill it full of styrophoam balls so they have to dig through it to get their lunch

-last but never least don’t forget your significant other, be sure to involve the kids in this one if you can it’s definitely the funnest one of all. You could put something on his deodorant – vaseline, shaving cream, whip cream any of those will work well. My husband uses a thermos and a travel mug for his coffee every day, the kids are going to decorate it for him with lots of pretty princess stickers, hearts and flowers.

Just remember the golden rule of pranks – don’t do something to someone that you wouldn’t find funny if it was done to you and you should be good to go. Keep it light and fun and enjoy.

Happy April Fools Day!!!



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