Garden fun with Kids

This year I wanted to do something a little different in the garden with the kids. We usually plant flowers and veggies in pots – we have a dog, so if it isn’t in a pot she tramples it. This year though I was thinking about what cool features we could add to the yard. Real conversation pieces. I decided that we are going to make a Totem pole. We are going to make ours out of planters though. Here’s what the plan is in case you would like to make one too…

Get pots in a range of sizes from large to small. Depending how tall you want your pole to be will dictate how many planters you need.

You will need a pipe to put through the pots. You can really use anything for that – plumbing pipe, dowels, whatever you have.

Drill holes in the bottom of the planters to accommodate your pipe

Potting soil & plants

Have the kids paint the pots, faces, animals or it can even be themselves

Spray a clear coat over their art once it’s dry so that rain won’t wash it all away.

Using the largest pot first and the smallest one at the top stack them inside each other and fish your pipe through the holes.


Add your potting soil to the bottom one first until you have reach the height that you want the next pot to sit at. Tilt the next pot so it’s not covering the entire area of the bottom one. You will probably have to use the dirt in the bottom pot to help adjust the next one so it sits properly.

Continue this process until you have finished all of the pots.


Add plants to the dirt that is exposed in each pot. Choose a variety of fun plants & colors to create more interest

If you would like to add arms to your Totem do it during the building process. Be creative, you could use an old rake handle or attach a dollar store kite and give it wings!

Voila a garden Totem Pole. I don’t have a picture of mine yet but I’ve included a couple generic ones above so you get the idea.

Totem Pole Clipart



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