Road trips with kids

Everybody loves a good vacation…except for the part where you have to get to it. The preparation and physical trip of driving to your destination can be absolutely overwhelming to parents – AND – if you don’t do it well enough it can be a down right horrible experience. So, here’s a few tips on things to consider when getting ready for road trips with kids.

First and most important, make a checklist, keep it with you and add things to it whenever you think of something else

I like to make a surprise bag for every trip. This is great for on the road as well as any other form of traveling. Go to a dollar store and go nuts. Look for things that are age appropriate and not too messy. Puzzles do keep you busy for a while but if they spill it when they open it and lose a piece, it could turn out to be a catastrophic event. Go with activity books, coloring, stickers, magnetized books, simple crafts that can be completed without your assistance. Unusual items. These will likely keep them busy the longest. Buy them a t-shirt, a bag, a hat, or an umbrella and let them decorate it. We used sharpies and temporary tattoos on dollar store umbrella’s and the kids were busy for hours with that. Get snacks & gum, nothing too sugary and only water to drink minimally or you’ll have to stop for bathroom breaks at every location you pass.

If you will need to be stopping for a meal along the way, pack a picnic lunch and use the highway picnic areas. It is a bit more work for you, but the kids get to run around and burn off energy that they wouldn’t get to do if they had to sit in a restaurant. If they don’t get to burn some off, guess where this energy gets burned off at – in your car. Picnics ROCK!

Bring movies, music and most important of all psyche yourself out for the worst case scenario. This way it should all be easy breezy because hopefully none of that will happen.

road trip


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