Campfire Alternatives

If your city is anything like the one where I live you may not be able to have campfires at home, or perhaps your child has allergies to smoke.There are a lot of reasons for not allowing residential fire pits but there are ways to get around it if you are creative. The at home camp out is not completely out of reach for us City Slickers just yet…

There are no laws about burning candles. This could be a craft that you could complete with the kids or they could complete with their friends. Make sure you purchase non toxic wicks and wax for your candles.

Pick up a glass bowl from the dollar store. The bowl will be the size of your candle. You also need this bowl to fit inside your “fire pit” – this fire pit can be anything that isn’t flammable that is at least twice as high as your bowl. It needs to shield it a bit from the wind. You can get creative or you can just use something simple like a clay pot.

The bigger you want your “fire” to be the more wicks and the bigger the bowl will need to be – or you can use multiple smaller bowls. If you’ve never made your own candles before it really is pretty easy. Grab some skewers or sticks that will lay across your bowl without falling in. Tie your wicks to the sticks and let them hang in the bowl right to the bottom. You can tie more than one wick to a stick and use more than one stick crisscrossing them until you have the amount of wicks you want. Next melt the wax and add it to the bowl. You can use new wax in whatever colors you want or you can use old half used candles you have lying around the house – as long as it is all non-toxic.

Once the wax fills the bowl to the top, wait for it to dry. Then cut the wicks and remove the skewers. Place the entire bowl into your clay pot/fire pit and light all the wicks. As long as the clay pot has a bit of height a reasonable wind won’t be able to blow out your candles. The non-toxic candle is safe for cooking hot dogs or marshmallows on, doesn’t smoke out you or your neighbor’s house and best part of all is COMPLETELY LEGAL đŸ™‚



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