Behavior Consequences

Doesn’t really matter if we are talking about swearing or coloring the walls. If your child has a behavior that you don’t want them to do, one of my favorite solutions is consequence. Let’s pretend for a minute that it’s a swearing problem…

Ask your child if they actually know what the word means. Explain it to them in a way that you feel is age appropriate to them but gets your point across

Tell them that you don’t like it when they do that and explain why – it hurts your feelings, it makes you want to cry, whatever it may be

Tell them that if you hear them do that again there will be a consequence for their action

Ask your child what they think the consequence should be if they do it again. If their suggestion is reasonable to you, use it. If not tell them what you think would be a better consequence and why.

Next time they use that word they receive the agreed upon consequence. It’s hard to argue a consequence that you suggested or agreed to.

Every time you give a consequence have a brief discussion afterwards about remembering not to use that word. If after a few consequences it still persists choose another consequence.

Consequences can be anything from time outs, losing tv or electronic privileges to extra chores.

Good luck and keep at it!!!



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