Best Time To Sneak In New Pets

A few weeks ago I had Gallbladder surgery, it didn’t really go smoothly and I had a lot of pain afterwards and was on a lot of heavy duty medication. I was pretty checked out for maybe a week to 10 days at least. But this story isn’t about me, of course it’s about the kids. My oldest is an animal lover – they all like animals but she is the one that is always trying to bring new ones home. Now I’m not sure if this was just unlucky timing or wickedly clever planning on her part, the day I went into the hospital she adopted two “fancy rats” and hid them in her room. She knew I wouldn’t be up to checking or going in her room for anything because I would be recovering. So, in came the creatures. The kids were very good the first few days I got home from surgery, they kept themselves busy, there wasn’t any fighting. I was thinking how wonderfully amazing they were to care so much to let me get lots of rest. It wasn’t until a bit later when I started coming off the heavy medications and my Mom mentioned to me that my youngest said there was a “secret” in A’s room, that I noticed something was going on. Sure enough there they were. I’m a bit of a softy when it comes to animals so they have taken up a permanent residence at my place.

I am still on the fence on if it was planned or coincidence – would love to hear your thoughts, what would you do???




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