Kick Start your Psychic Vibes

You always hear these people who claim to be psychic or see, hear or feel spirits and they’re always claiming that everyone has that ability you’ve just forgotten how to use it. I tried many of the suggested things to get on my psychic mojo – meditation, trying to talk and communicate and I even went to Reiki classes and received attunements in the hopes of heightening my energetic awareness.

They are probably correct and all of those things are great suggestions but don’t necessarily work for everyone making things so frustrating. It didn’t matter how many times I did any of those things, I just felt like an idiot standing in the dark talking to myself. I will tell you however, how I finally made it work for me. I went to a highly proclaimed haunted location. There is an endless supply of haunted locations that offer guided tours, hotels you can spend the night in and some of them will let you explore on your own. It doesn’t matter where you are you should be able to find something not too far. I’ve been traveling across North America visiting different sites that intrigue me. As with a lot of things sometimes you just can’t figure out how to do it until it has happened to you. Once I went to my first truly haunted location my body had an immediate response. It felt like a very specific vibration that I have never felt with anything else, I also got really dizzy the first time.

Now that this has happened I can easily identify that feeling and I just work on communicating and taking pictures and I know without a doubt that I’m no longer standing in a dark room talking to myself. The more places I expose myself too, the more experienced I get, which also equals more paranormal activity.

Go with some friends and plan for a fun night out, but be prepared for more than that!

Spirit communication



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