Sneak Peak – Paranormal Axis: The Sluagh

Thought you might be interested in a small sample of Paranormal Axis: The Sluagh – Get your full copy from Amazon today…

Chapter 1

“Autumn is a cunning muse who steals by degrees my warmth and light. So distracted by her glorious painting of colors, I scarcely realize my losses until the last fiery leaf has fallen to the ground and the final pumpkin shrinks. Autumn departs with a cold kiss, leaving me to suffer the frigid grasp of winter in prolonged nightfall.”

-Richelle E. Goodrich


The final days of summer weather were seeping away and starting to turn cooler. There was a promise of soon to be colorful leaves rustling underfoot, back to school routines starting up and early mornings – ugh. I don’t mind going back to school so much, it’s great to see everyone and catch up on their summer adventures but I am so not a morning person. Waking up and it’s still dark outside. Who thinks this stuff up? Why can’t school start at lunch time?

I can hear my mom calling me. She waits a few minutes between each call and the silence in between tempts me and calls me back to sleep, but each time her voice gets louder and angrier until it’s a full out “GET UP”!!! I grumble a response knowing that I have lost the battle on sleeping in and drag myself upright and then down the hall to the bathroom to get cleaned up. The smell of lavender greets me at the door. Mom likes it; she says it promotes a more relaxed state. I’m more of a fruity air freshener type, so I crack the window open, adjust the hot water and wash my sleepiness away. After my shower, I pick out my favorite pair of jeans and a purple top, throw my clothes on, brush my teeth, tie up my hair into its half pony tail half bun and I am down the stairs in no time to grab a bite to eat. Mom’s running out the door to work and Dad is yelling at my brother and sister to get ready now too. I grab my cell off the charger and text Jenna that I’m on my way. She’s my closest friend and we try to meet each morning before classes start and then go in together. I grab my bag and yell “bye” over my shoulder and I’m out the front door and into the fresh air.

It is a bit crisp this morning, but not too cold, just enough to tell you that fall is approaching and to whisk any of the remaining sleep away. School busses are making their routes and people are rushing around to get to work and school. The street is busy and noisy so I put my headphones in and scroll through my song list. I feel like a bit of Katie Perry to get my first day back mojo on. I push play and blast my way to the end of the street I hit the button at the intersection five times so the light might change faster. My phone buzzes and interrupts the song, it’s Jenna – “I see you”. I smile and look up and see her across the street. She’s saying something and waving frantically at something to my left and so I turn my head just in time to see the bumper of a car slam into me.

It sends me flying into the air. The next thing I remember is that I am standing beside myself watching as people rush to the scene to help. Someone yells to call 911. Jenna is crying and is calling my name and then she calls my house to tell them. She stutters and struggles to speak to tell my Dad what happened.

I don’t understand what’s happening. I can hear everything and see everything that is going on, but no one can hear me or see me. I’m here, but I’m outside of my body. Am I dead? I can’t be dead. This can’t be real. Panic starts to nudge its way into my gut. I look around at the chaos that surrounds me. People are yelling and crying and some people are just trying to get a peek out of morbid curiosity. I notice that the ambulance is just arriving. I get lost momentarily in the flashing lights and the noise of the sirens. The police are trying to get people to move back so the paramedics can work on me. My Dad comes running in now too. He’s calling me “Emma, Emma – Oh God PLEASE – is she gonna be okay? I’m her Father.” The police are trying to calm my Dad down and the paramedics have put me onto the gurney and are lifting me into the ambulance. “Dad I’m here. I don’t know what’s happening but I’m here, I’m okay” I say. But of course he doesn’t hear me. He’s crying and sobbing. Jenna is throwing up in a nearby bush.

I am totally freaking out, but I give myself a mental smack in the head – FOCUS! I decide to rip myself away from my family and get into the ambulance with my body. I’m afraid to let it out of my sight. This is all wrong. I need to figure out how to get back in. The ambulance roars to life again, sirens blazing, and speeds off to the hospital. One guy is calling in codes to the hospital and the other is keeping pressure on my head where it has cracked open. I can’t feel anything. I don’t feel any of the pain. It doesn’t look good though. There is a lot of blood. I try touching myself, but still nothing. THINK, THINK, THINK! I can’t think of what I should do. I can’t be dead. Isn’t there supposed to be a white light if you are dead? That must be a good sign that I’m going to be fine – right? They will help me. I’ll be okay. The panic and fear starts to bite back into my knotting stomach.



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