More Haunted Kentucky

One of the most infamous haunted sights in Kentucky is Waverly Hills Sanatorium. When I was initially planning this trip I had wanted to tour this location but I had thought it was closed for the season. While we were shopping in the area I requested that we do a drive by – maybe we could get a picture of it from the fence. To our delight they had signage up that they were having a Christmas light laser show that very night.

We came back for the show, it was good – a little strange to see all the lights and cheery music flickering off such a dismal location but still fun. Luckily for us, the show itself was very quiet, perhaps because of the rain not many people showed up and so we were able to convince the folks that worked there to take us on a tour.

Having a private tour in Waverly Hills is very surreal. We had a lot of experiences, feelings, noises and shadow people. I think even if we had not had any experiences and just toured the site and listened to the stories it would have still been the one component that really made our weekend.

The staff here are outstanding and really care about what happens to this location. The money they raise is used to restore the building. It is an incredible building and definitely haunted.

I would definitely recommend visiting – my gut feeling is that no one leaves Waverly Hills Sanatorium without having some sort of paranormal experience. If I was to rate it, staff, building/site, quality of tour and paranormal experiences had – I couldn’t give it less than a 5 star rating. If you are ever able to go make sure to check this one out!

waverly hills


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