Paranormal Axis: Re-Animation

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the second book in the Paranormal Axis series Re-Animation. Things are starting to move along quite quickly. The book is done, editing is complete, we are just working on the remainder of the art work & cover. My goal was to have the book out by August 2016 but I think we might be able to cross our fingers for an earlier date than that.

Will do a cover reveal soon – I promise!

If you haven’t read the first one yet, you can pick up your copy from Amazon at:

The ghostly release “Paranormal Axis: The Sluagh” was published the end of August 2015 and is part of an exciting new collection of books!

The story follows a young girl named Emma who is hit by a car and tossed into the afterlife. On her journey she meets and teams up with Fynn, an adorably handsome lost and lonely spirit. Together they seek out the answers everyone is looking to know: What happens after death? Can we communicate with the living? Can you really walk through walls?

Their quest for experience and knowledge takes them to a haunted bed and breakfast that also functions as a learning facility for searching souls. As they strengthen their haunting skills and their ghostly romance deepens they realize that not everything in the after-life is Angelic and kind and in fact they are being targeted and hunted down by a wickedly evil race of creatures – The Sluagh (pronounced Sloo-ahh).

You are cordially invited to come along on this light versus dark adventure into the unknown – if you dare.



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