Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians celebrating today!

canada day

Here’s a bit of Paranormal Pop News to make your long weekend more spooktastic…

If you’re in the housing market right now, maybe looking for a nice little place on the water? The Amityville Horror House is up for sale. It is 3600 square feet, has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and if you’re brave enough you can pick it up for a mere $860,000.00

Just in case you were wondering – some US States do require sellers to disclose the fact that their house has a haunted reputation. It must be taken into consideration if it has a psychological impact on people living there. Things like murders or suicides or some other event that might dissuade someone from buying it.

Yahoo reported this week that a town called Debrecen which is a couple hundred km’s east of Budapest is having a National Grave Digging competition at the public cemetery. 18 two man teams of Hungarian gravediggers are demonstrating their skills for a place in a regional championship to be held in Slovakia later this year. They are judged on their speed but also get points for style with the appearance of the finished grave mounds.

Another bit of an odd celebration is the Black Fly Festival held in Calais, a village in Vermont. This year is the 13th annual celebration in which they celebrate the nuisance of the blackfly season. The festival includes a fashion show, a blackfly poetry slam and a blackfly pie eating contest….there are no real blackfly’s in the pie’s but they try their best to put things in the pies that look like blackfly’s. The pies are judged on taste but also on their blackfly homage.

Out in Beech Mountain, North Carolina you can now go and visit the Land of Oz with both the Yellow Brick Road and Dorothy waiting to greet you. The park had originally been open in the 70’s and 80’s but was closed until 3 years ago. It is open every Friday in June. So if you happen to be in the area go check it out, you may even end up taking a hot air balloon ride with Oz himself.


This next story is for all of you folks out there that enjoy the people of Walmart drama. The state of Oregon gives that a whole new outlook. A young man there was trying to steal a bike just outside of the store when a rancher jumped onto his horse and lassoed him for the police. The 28 year old cowboy, Robert Borba has just brought the people of Walmart to the next level.


Fox news reported this week that a bunch of Diamond minders have found a shipwreck full of gold after draining a lagoon on Africa’s Skeleton Coast. It is being described as one of the most significant shipwreck discoveries in recent times. Archaeologists have uncovered $13 million worth of gold coins within the wreck of a Portuguese Vessel known as “The Born Jesus” which went missing 500 years ago while it was on its way to India. The ship was full of many other valuables as well including tin, copper and ivory tusks. Apparently the copper turns off the fish and is why the ship was found so well preserved.

A strange case of mass hysteria has been reported in Malaysia seeing students and even teachers being possessed and pinned down by evil spirits. In some reports students have been overwhelmed by a Pontianak – which is a type of female vampire ghost that is well known in Malaysian folklore.

The problem became so out of control that school board officials had to resort to sending shamans and other religious practitioners in the school in an effort to cleanse the buildings of evil spirits.

Local Medical experts are rebutting that it is a case of mass hysteria due to an intense heat wave they are experience.

This last story is a bit of a personal one for me. My daughter this week had to do a project on the impacts of environmental factors on our health and planet. Just after she finished the project I found this story on unexplained unfortunately she didn’t get the opportunity to include it in her presentation.

There is a study by Clarkson University in New York that Scientists have done to shed light on paranormal phenomenon. They now believe that poor air quality may be a contributing factor in reports of the paranormal.

They found that there is a possible link between certain mold spores that when breathed in cause hallucinogenic effects resulting in significant mental or neurological symptoms.

While the discovery does not discount every paranormal incident it is one that you will now have to keep in mind while investigating older buildings with possible air pollutants.

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