Paranormal Axis Re-Animation

Book 2 – Re-animation – Paranormal Axis Trilogy is now available for purchase. You can order an e-copy or a kindle version at:


The Sluagh (Sloo-ahh) are growing stronger every day and Emma finds herself in a very vulnerable position, in uncharted territory, separated from the others back at the Inn – only it isn’t the Inn she knew.

Struggling to regain her strength, finding her powers and her friends becomes a must as the Sluagh continue to target them all, they need to find a way to overcome them.

Emma faces some serious questions – how do you destroy something in the paranormal world? How does she get her friends back? Without Mike and the others who will help her?

In her desperation Emma calls upon darker entities to assist her. Darker beings charge high prices for their services though. It’s a buyer beware sort of sale.

Come along with Emma on this darkened rescue paranormal mission and see for yourself the price that must be paid.

At first everything was all on “the other side” but this time they’re on our side!



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