Paranormal Pop News Update (#2)


TNT has announced the return of Tales from the Crypt. They are looking to include fan work as shorts in the series and are working with to make this a reality.TNT President Kevin Reily stated they would like to see fan fiction make its way on to our air. Tales from the Crypt is still working through all the legal details but are hoping to be back on the air towards the end of 2017. You can read more about all the details on published an article on what do the different colors of orbs mean.

Now I know that there is a lot of controversy on whether orbs are spirits or just dust or bugs – it seems everyone is on a different page on this one but here is a short breakdown on their take on things.

They say the best way of course to tell what a colored orb means is to search your feelings but for a general idea…

Clear orbs are a sign of spirit or entity trying to communicate with you and asking for you to help it move on.

Silver & White orbs are about spirituality. Some believe that silver indicates a spirit is trapped here while white is here to protect the people in the area.

Brown & Black orbs are associated with low vibrational energies. Some consider this energy as bad or evil, but that’s never the truth. When brown or black orbs appear the spirits are trying to communicate to you that this area is not safe to be in. Listening to your senses and if you are feeling uncomfortable – leave.

Orange or Red orbs spiritually signify security and safety and a sense of happiness. This could be an entity or spirit that has taken on the role of protector.

Green orbs are the color of the heart chakra and the color of nature. They indicate the presence of a human soul or spirit rather than something from a different dimension. They can also represent a spirit that is one with nature and love.

Blue orbs are the color of psychic energy and the color of truth. Blue is a very calming color like a soothing blue ocean. In spirituality people connect the color blue with guidance. So the presence of blue orbs signifies the impression of calm energy and that possibly spirit guides are dwelling in this location.

The Louisiana flooding has been all over the news. With its massive devastation it has also unearthed coffins that were seen floating down streets lined with homes. According to the Walker Police Department the caskets had floated up from the St. Mark’s Cemetery in Baton Rouge as result of the flooding.

Looking for some new digs in upstate New York? A sprawling haunted mansion is up for sale for a real steal at only $105,000 US they are warning prospective buyers to check out the image captured by Google Street View. There appears to be three sets of white handprints on the third floor windows of the 1880’s Queen Anne style home, located at 32 Church Street in Camden NY.

With the exception of the ghostly residence the three bedroom home is known as the W.H. Dorrance House and is listed on the US National Register of Historical Places. You can read further details and watch the video on If you are specifically searching out a haunted home to make your own you can check out the website for more listings.

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