Paranormal Pop News Update (#3)

If you’re still looking for that summer job and would like to add some travel in as well. Davy the Ghost is on the hunt for spirits to join him to run tours in the City of Edinburgh. Guides must take on the persona of a real dead person from Edinburgh’s past. I’m not sure what the pay is but it sure sounds like a fun job!

Great news in the field of education…if you’ve always dreamed of becoming an exorcist – a Lutheran Bishop, Manuel Acuna in Argentina is now offering classes in Parapsychology, Angelology and Demonology for the aspiring title of “Exorcism Affair Consultant”

This will be a three year program, the goal is to train students to identify the types of spiritual forces they are dealing with, whether they are intelligent, malevolent or malignant and to be able to remove them from houses, objects and people.

For those of you Bigfoot fans the Mystery may now be solved. According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization there’s actually a long extinct giant ape called Gigantopithecus that roamed the Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Smithsonian reports that this enormous ape stood more than 10 feet tall and weighed 1200 lbs. The only catch is the Smithsonian Scientists believe it to be long extinct even though sightings continue to happen today.

I would say this is two big foot steps forward for those of us on team Sasquatch.

The Daily Telegraph reported recently that a mummified sailer was discovered on a ghost yaught off the coast of the Philippines. The man had been out of contact with friends & family for over a year. It is unknown when he died but it is believed the dry, salty conditions at sea contributed to the preservation of his corpse.

If you are into the classics this next article might hold some appeal to you. The Daily Mail has posted that Neuroscientists are battling it out for a $100,000 prize offered to the first team to preserve a human brain that can be brought back to life. The Brain Preservation Foundation is holding the Frankenstein fund competition in the hopes of finding their very own fountain of youth…or monster.

This story could be the start of the zombie apocalypse – just saying!

Certainly the most shocking story of the day is that of the legendary Pop singer formerly known as Prince passing suddenly in his Minnesota home. Just one week ago he gave fans a scare when he had to make an emergency landing due to illness, but had reassured fans he was fine. It is unknown at this time if the cause of death was related to that illness. Prince was 57 years old. He is quoted as having said “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules” and we certainly hope you are transcending all the rules into the afterlife.

If you hear of or experience something Paranormal or Unusual and would like to share it with the show check out our website at or join us on our facebook page to keep the conversation going.

That’s your weird and unusual Paranormal Pop news update for today.



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