Paranormal Pop Update (#4)

Anyone ever watch “The Terminator”? This may be of particular interest to you. The fountain of youth and eternal life has been investigated…well forever but The Metro UK reported that a British Scientist, Dr. Aubrey de Grey is sure that he has found the answer. He has made a prediction that some people who are already born will live for up to a thousand years.

He is part of a team researching regenerative therapies and it is his belief that by treating the body like a machine with moving parts it is possible to reverse living damages. He believes there are only seven reasons why we age and that they can all be fixed by removing, repairing or replacing cellular damage causing prolonged life for centuries.

I’m not sure if my thoughts on this are fountain of youth or just plain and simple “I’ll be back”.

For those of you still looking for summer vacation hot spots The Huffington Post announced that a Life Sized Noah’s Ark Replica is hitting the high seas this summer. It is a boatload of biblical proportions created by Carpenter Johan Huibers who completed the boat in 2012. It was built using the same measurements as Noah used in the old testament.  Huibers hopes this floating religious attraction crossing a 6000 mile journey to South, Central and North America will help spread the message of the Bible.

Don’t worry there are no reports for genocidal floods…. as of now

Has anyone seen the live web stream of the Ann doll? From now until May 10th people who log onto The Lineup – a site devoted to all things creepy, you can watch a live web stream of a creepy little doll named Ann. The doll is rumored to be haunted by a 13 year old girl that supposedly died in the early 1900’s from Tuberculosis at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky.

Since starting the live web feed they have experienced several bizarre incidents including the stream going dead during a time when no one was in the office, problems with phones in the office, one employee even attempted to speak with Ann and the EMF sensor started to go off – nothing malevolent though.

Ann is looking for a new home. The website is holding an essay contest where people explain why they would be the best home for a supposedly haunted doll. The person who sends the most creative and heartfelt essay to will win Ann for their very own.

I checked this feed out on youtube and I have to say it’s very addicting. I found it hard to turn off just because I didn’t want to miss anything that might happen.

The Mirror reported earlier this week that a new species of beetle that was discovered by a Star Wars fan Scientist has named it after Chewbacca. Trigonopterus Chewbacca measures 3.34 mm long – a mere speck in comparison to the real deal.

Also noted in the Mirror this week are creepy corpse hotels that are opening in Tokyo and Japan. The goal of the hotels are to relieve overcrowding in crematoriums as death rates there are soaring. More than 110 000 people died in 2014 and there are only 20 crematoriums to cope with the demand.

From the exterior the hotels are clearly out of place in the neighborhood, causing heavy resistance from local residents who say having a facility that keeps dead bodies is unsettling and creepy.

Bodies are stored at the corpse hotel in pristine condition for up to 4 days. Family are allowed to visit, but be sure to bring a sweater as the hotel air conditioner is set very low.

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That’s your weird and unusual Paranormal Pop news update




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