Paranormal Pop News Update (#5)

If any of you were entranced by the dress that changed colors, the mirror has reported that there is an optical illusion brick wall that has gone viral. It took me quite a while of looking at it before I saw the hidden object but it was cool when I found it. If you would like to see if you can solve the trick wall you can see it on their website – with hints for those who can’t see it –

For any die hard romantics out there the mirror also reported this week that a family in China paid over 20 000 pounds for a match maker to find a dead woman that was a good social match for their son.

He had died three years earlier and had not had a chance to get married before his passing. This bizarre ritual is an old custom in rural China that involves having a ghost wedding because of fears that the family will be cursed if one of them dies unmarried. The ghost marriage was carried out so that the two could be joined in heaven.

Apparently there is a huge need for female bodies due to the fact that there are more men there than women and it is causing all sorts of crimes for families desperate to carry out ghost weddings for their sons. In the past three years alone three dozen bodies have been reported stolen. Another man was arrested for killing his wife and then trying to sell her body as a corpse bride.

This does cause quite an issue in local cemetaries as well with grave digging body snatchers being rampant. Families that have buried a female are opting for tombs at their homes or reinforcing tombs with steel and installing CCTV cameras over the graves.

Disney reported this week that it is looking into state of the art robots to replace the employees inside the character costumes. The new robots are capable of mimicking a human’s motions and would be controlled by a nearby human. This technology has apparently been around for a while, however, this latest machine uses a new hybrid air & water hydraulics system that allows for closer movements by its operator and is equipped with stereo cameras so the operator can give realistic feedback. Disney’s Research labs are heading up this project themselves to push scientific and technology to the forefront of innovation.

Fox TV and Chris Carter announced during a recent press call that they are going to make another season of The X-Files. All of the cast & crew from previous episodes are up for another installment. Discussions with Carter, Duchovny and Anderson are underway about the order of the upcoming episodes. With all of the positive feedback from last season there were hints at getting Agents Mulder and Scully back on the big screen. The next X-Files season is a bit of a wait expecting to be released around 2017 to 2018.

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That’s your weird and unusual Paranormal Pop news update




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