Paranormal Pop News Update (#7)

If you’re still looking for some fun spooky spots to check out that just happen to be along route with wherever you are vacationing this summer. has a great website with a Horrorville section that tells you categorically or by State what haunted hot spots are available for touring. A few categories that caught my attention were… abandoned theme parks, haunted plantations, haunted hotels, the great horror campout, creepy clown motels and the truth is out there for those of you that would also like to discover the alien opportunities in life.

Go to their website at to check out all of their great suggestions.

The website also has a breakdown by State of Haunted Hotels you can visit or stay in.

Many of us in Western societies believe that the number 13 brings bad luck, however, it is not the only number that is associated with bad luck. Here are a few other numbers reported by that are also associated with bad luck…

The number 4 in Mandarin is pronounced “si” which is very similar to their word for death. This has caused a similar effect there in that buildings do not have 4th floors and people do not get license plates with the number 4 in them to be safer on the roads.

Looking a bit to the opposite if you double the 4 and make it 8 it is known as a particularly lucky number in China. Eight is pronounced as “ba” which is similar to the word for wealth. Beijing opened its Olympic ceremonies in 2008 at 8 o’clock on the 8th day of the 8th month.

According to a 2011 article posted in “The Guardian” the number 39 is one to avoid in Afghanistan. The reasons are a bit fuzzy but the story goes that a pimp had a license plate with the number 39 in it. For whatever the reason, the number 39 is now associated with pimps and prostitution and people pay bribes to have the number removed from their license plates.

11:11 is known everywhere and has become a focus of superstition by people who believe that they are seeing the number everywhere. It is associated with the story of the Mayan apocalypse.

666 is a powerful number in the Christian faith. It is seen as evil due to Revelation 13:18 – “HERE IS WISDOM. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.”

Interestingly enough the Revelations – beast in question has seven heads.

10 seems to be an innocent enough number. Our entire numerical system is based on 10, probably because we have 10 fingers.  Ten also appears frequently in Jewish practices including the 10 plagues of exodus and the 10 days of repentance between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Number 9 holds the superstition that composers only get nine symphonies and after that the composer will die. Beethoven is an obvious example of this.

In India 26 is starting to get a bad reputation. The massive tsunami of 2004 struck on December 26th, in 2001 the province of Gujarat was hit by a 7.7 magnitude earth quake on January 26th and in 2008 the terror attacks on Mumbai started on November 26th. Even the numerologists fear the number because it also adds up to 8 which is an unlucky number in India.

John Grafman, a cognitive neuroscientist and the director of brain injury research at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago is studying if having a mystical experience opens the door of perception in the brain. Grafman and his colleagues have pinpointed some of the brains processes that lead to these moments. As it turns out mystical experiences may stem from the brain letting go of inhibitions, opening a door of perception. During mystical experiences people feel connected to a higher power and often describe gaining hidden knowledge or having revolutionary insights.

His research found the frontal lobe of the brain specifically known as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is linked to the markedly increased experiences.  Previous research has shown that this area of the brain is connected to imposing inhibitions. The frontal lobes are the most evolved areas of the human brain. They help control and make sense of the perceptual input we get from the world. When these frontal lobes are suppressed they can open a door of perception increasing the chances of mystical experiences.

“The more we understand the brain, the more we can make fundamental advances and translate findings into clinical settings.” Grafman said in a statement. The scientists detailed their findings in the Journal of Neuropsychologists.

Manilla Cemetery in China is known as the “Beverly Hills of the Dead” according to

Death in China is not the end of the luxurious lifestyle of some of Manilla’s wealthiest residents. They are buried by loved ones in a mammoth graveyard known as the Chinese Cemetery of Manilla. The place is a small neighborhood in its own right with many tombs reaching the size of mansions with all the modern amenities. The glamorous mausoleums line either side of a two way street within the cemetery and have fully functioning bathrooms and kitchens that some of the living could only dream of having. There are plush bedrooms for visiting family as well as some permanent residents that just don’t seem to mind sharing their living quarters with the dead. Some visiting relatives just don’t leave after experiencing the plush lifestyle.

The Chinese Cemetery is now a popular tourist attraction in the city, complete with professional tour guides and for a small fee you could check out the dead and the living cohabiting in the lap of luxury.

Yahoo news reported that a YouTube video posted recently offered proof by demonstrating measurements as seen on Google Earth that an entity measuring around 120 meters in length has prompted many to believe that the mystical sea monster the Kraken has been found.

Legend has it that for centuries a huge tentacle monster has terrorized ships off Norway and Greenland devouring men onboard.

As you can imagine many people are waying in on the topic, some agreeing it is the Kraken, some suggesting a sunken UFO ship and others debunking it as a rock.

You can check out the videos on YouTube by searching Kraken as seen on Google Earth.

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That’s your weird and unusual Paranormal Pop news update



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