Paranormal Pop News – Episode #8

According to Huffington post alleged haunted dolls are the hot new collector’s item. Possession is the new cool.

Haunted dolls are making a killing on eBay; one was listed as a “nasty perverse possessed doll” that received a final bid of $1526.00

Katrin Reedik, a haunted doll lover in Glasgow, Scotland has 22 so-called haunted dolls and says they are a great way for people to connect with their own “mediumistic skills”. Reedick said they can become friends, companions and teachers. They teach you a lot about death, the afterlife and more.

Current eBay policy states that any paranormal products have a disclaimer that the products are for entertainment purposes only.

A team at Clarkson University in New York are investigating the link between indoor air quality and ghost sightings. They say that toxic mold can trigger psychosis and that might cause you to see and hear things that go bump in the night. The more sensitive you are to mold, the more likely you may think you’re up against a poltergeist.

  • This is the second time I’ve come across an article that they are studying this possibility. Their recommendations for now are to do a deep cleaning of the entire area as a method of debunking ghosts. If you are investigating a clean area and are still seeing paranormal activity, it is more authentic than the alternative.

You can read the entire article on

Another website you may want to take a peek at when you get a chance is they have a live video chat feed 24/7 for the traveling museum of the Paranormal and the Occult. Different artifacts are featured and viewers are asked to report anything suspicious or strange with time and details to the week in weird team. Just one warning – these live feed haunted artifacts are very addictive to watch, it’s hard to turn away in case you miss something.



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