Paranormal Pop News Update # 11

Post media Network reported that a Japanese dog spa has taken pet pampering to a whole new level by offering “exorcisms” for their fury guests.

The D Krishima Spa not only offers doggy and owner dinners and spa baths together – yes in the same tub – but they also now offer a packaged called the “Pet Dog Exorcism Plan”.

A Senior Shinto Priest will come to the spa to conduct a ceremonial blessing to rid your pup of bad spirits and pray for its future health.

The ceremony is especially recommended for dogs that are 7, 10 or 13 years old as these are known in Japan as the dogs “unlucky” years and it is easier for them to get diseases of aging.

The exorcism itself only takes 30 minutes and is then celebrated in the Shingariyu shrine within the hotel. The cost for this peace of mind is $430 and that includes the room and the pet and owner dinner.


Polish Archeologists have allegedly unearthed a 500 year old vampire grave in a marketplace in Poland. A Yahoo article noted that the body dates back to the 16th century and was found in the West Pomeranian Province. The dig team found some unusual features though, which indicated that the burial was vampiric.

The “Fangs” had been removed from the man’s mouth, and a piece of rock had been inserted into the mouth of the corpse. In addition to this, a stake had been driven through the corpse’s leg to prevent the “vampire” from raising from the dead. This would have been done for the safety of the community according to Slawomir Gorka who led the dig.

Last July Archaeologists in Poland believed they had discovered a vampire grave on a construction site in the south the country. Seven bodies, with their heads removed and placed on their legs were also found.

Experts estimate the bones to date back to the 16th century but due to the absence of personal effects such as jewelry it makes it much more difficult to pinpoint the exact age of the skeletons.

This next story is not quite paranormal but certainly not something you hear about every day. It’s a strange reported that the world’s first head transplant will be attempted in 2017 in a procedure which is sure to stir controversy.

Italian Neurosurgeon Dr. Sergio Vanavero is the key expert behind the procedure and maintains that swapping the head of a donor with a living patient is technically possible with today’s technology. “When I realized that I could participate in something really big and important, I had no doubt left in my mind and started to work in this direction. “The only thing I feel is the sense of pleasant impatience, like I have been preparing for something important all my life” the Scientist stated.

The patient receiving a new body will be 30 year old Valery Spiridonov, a patient who suffers from a genetic muscle wasting condition called Werdnig-Hoffman disease.

The plans to push ahead with the head transplant surgery, however, have been met with fierce criticism and opposition from many in the medical community, because of the extreme likelihood that the head transplant procedure will either kill Spiridonov, or leave him unable to move at all after the procedure is complete.

According to Canavero’s calculations “if everything goes to plan, two years is the time frame needed to verify all scientific calculations and plan the procedures details.” It isn’t a race. No doubt the surgery will be done once the doctor and the experts are 99 percent sure of its success” he said.


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That’s everything for today for your weird and unusual Paranormal Pop news update.



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