Paranormal Axis Re-Animation Sneak Peak

 Chapter 1

“Spiritual things can be seen by us when we are released from physical sight and the sight of our spirit is opened.”

Emanual Swedenborg

My vision was a bit blurry at first but as the haze started to clear and I could see that it was my mother with me and that I was in a hospital. I called to her, my voice sounded weak, almost not mine.

The nurse was there taking all of my vital signs and the Dr. was on his way into the room. Mom held my hand while they worked on me and checked me over.

All of the equipment that had sparked and malfunctioned was turned off and was being removed from the room.

Strange, but I thought I remembered seeing the staff before; they all looked like visitors that had been to the Inn.

 The Dr. started asking me questions while he was checking my eyes – “do you know where you are?”

I was a bit slow to respond but I did give him the correct response.

He turned to my Mom and told her that it was a miracle I was awake and that they were going to keep a close eye on me over the next little bit to assess any damages and help with recovery.

Mom gave me a hug and told me she loved me. She started explaining what had happened. “You were in a car accident, a man hit you with his car on your way to school and then he took off. They haven’t found the man he just disappeared.”

“Jenna?” I squeaked.

“It’s okay, Mom rubbed my hand, Jenna was there she saw the entire accident, she’s had a really hard time with this. I speak to her parents a lot and they have her in counseling but she’s really had a rough year. She’ll be so happy to hear that you are awake. We’ve all been praying for this for so long, she started to cry. Oh – I better call Dad and let him know”.

She reached over to grab her phone and I listened while she called him up, then she held the phone to my ear so I could hear him tell me how much he loved me and that he was on his way to the hospital right now to see me.

“Mom? You said she had a bad year? How long have I been out?” I asked.

“Well it’s not really a full year, more like a good chunk of the school year it’s February 29th. That’s not what is important though. You just need to get better, that’s all we need to focus on right now. How do you feel honey?” she asked.

“My head hurts a bit but mostly I’m hungry” I answered.

At that, the nurse walked in with a tray of food and drinks. She told us that they were arranging for us to be moved to a different floor and that they would be moving me soon. No need for us to stay in the Coma unit any longer.

I dug into the sandwich and ate it like I had been stranded on a deserted island. Not sure why people complain about hospital food, it was the best sandwich I could remember eating.

Mom went out of the room to make some calls while I was eating, so I took that opportunity to have a better look around the room, I hadn’t taken much stock into what was around me up until now.

I guess this was like a ward type room, on either side of me there were several beds all with patients in them, all resting quietly.

On my left there were two women, to my horror I realized that one was Mikka and the other one was Rose.

Just passed them was the door to the room and through the door, across the hall was the nurse’s desk. I could see them bustling about and hear them talking vaguely in the distance.

Now choking on the rest of the turkey sandwich, I looked to the right side of me, and there were three other beds, with none other than Mike, Ray and Fynn. Fynn was in the furthest bed and as I looked on past the third bed three figures appeared on the other side of the bed.

They were sort of misty or see through and dark and menacing looking. They were men but they had distorted bird like features – large beak like noses, jet black feathers and a very large wing span.

The cheek bones were much more pronounced than ours and were in fact level with the beak nose which made it look like the nose was just an extension of the cheek bones. The chin and eye brows were more prominent as well, with no facial hair and their coloring was off too. They were more of a sickly grey with dark deep bags under the eyes. The eyes themselves just looked like dark pits with no color or sparkle, just big black deep pits.

The more I looked at them the more I begin to realize they were not something from this world. It was obvious who I was meeting.

They hovered near Fynn and laughed at me as I examined them. Then the one in the front snarled “they are all mine now and you will never get them back from me.”

With that he disintegrated into smoke that whirled through the room and out the window with the sickening caw of none other than the Sluagh.

Book 2

Book 2

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