Paranormal Pop News Update # 13

In North America most of the dead travel to the cemetery by car. Did you know that England has a train to carry the dead? reported that for 87 years, nearly every single day, a single train leaves London to make a specific 23 mile journey to the cemetery and back carrying those that are deceased and their families to lay them to rest.

The 40 minute route was chosen because of the beauty of the countryside. They felt many of the passengers would be distraught and it may comfort them.

The Necropolis Railway is known as London’s spookiest and most strange line in British history. It ran from 1854 to 1941 and was very controversial not only because of the dead but because the train did not discriminate so poor people could be riding the same train as the elite.

The end to the railway came during one of the worst bombing nights of the war. A blitz of 16 bombs were dropped destroying among many other things, Necropolis Railway.


If you are in the housing market this next story might be of some interest to you. Cosmopolitan reported that Count Dracula’s Castle is up for sale.

Deep in the Romanian countryside, this towering 12th century fortress inspired Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel. It is the stuff of literary legend and you can now own the infamous Bran Castle in Transylvania.

The breathtaking structure currently belongs to descendants of the Romanian Royal Family, who have been operating the property as a popular museum. As the country’s largest tourist attraction, half a million people visit its spooky halls each year.

The current owners are getting older and are hoping to pass the property on to someone who will continue to build up its destination status.

While the initial asking price apparently topped $66 million, the castle may sell for much less, especially since the Romanian government has reportedly declined to purchase it. According to the Financial Times, the unusual property could go for as little as $13 million.


According to there is a new fashion trend popping up in the industry of the afterlife. The “Over My Dead Body” clothing line features couture Creepy clothes designed for dead people so you can look trendy until the end of time.


According to new research, a third of men want to be buried in a baseball cap, while a fifth are happy to meet their maker in flip flops.


A fashion house has released a creepy range clothing line so people can look better even when they’re six feet under.


According to new research 85% of Brits have thought about their final outfit and many are more than willing to splash out 1000 pounds.


Of COURSE, there is a fashion show – they gave coffin-clad models macabre makeovers to show off the range of 40 clothing combinations as well as jewelry and accessories.


Deathly pale models showcase six outfits in caskets adorned with Gothic flowers in the spooky combo’s.


Lyst’s survey on the nation’s appetite for six foot under styling revealed:


52% of woman want to go down in style, opting for high fashion couture outfits, while a more casual contingent coming in at 31% would opt for their favorite nightwear as their preferred option.


23% of people surveyed chose sportswear as their eternal outfits – turning active wear into inactive wear.


For ladies, with no pain issue, heels dominated the footwear choice with 45% choosing stilettos for their two feet in the grave.


Katherine Ormerod, editorial director of Lyst said: “What we wear is such a huge reflection of who we are and our personalities that it’s unsurprising that people now have a clear picture of what they want to be buried in. Death is too long to get your last outfit wrong.”


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That’s everything for today for your weird and unusual Paranormal Pop news update.



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