Paranormal Pop News Update # 14

Destination America reported this week that a plane was forced to swerve after an encounter with a “UFO”. A Porter Airlines Dash 8 aircraft with 54 passengers was forced to swerve to avoid collision with a UFO after it encountered the object at about 9,000 feet. At the time the plane was on approach to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Two people were injured.


The pilots noticed an object in the distance and as they approached the object they realized it was very close to their flight path. At first the pilots thought it was a balloon but also acknowledged it could have been a drone. Given that no one knows for sure the object is officially a UFO causing many to speculate that it was something else entirely.

Whatever the object was, two flight attendants were injured causing many to be concerned about future flights. Whether it was a drone or something even scarier, this might not be the last incident like this and next time it could be worse.


For those of you app lovers out there you’ll be happy to know that there’s now an app for locating haunted apartments in Hong Kong. It is illegal in Hong Kong for landlords and property owners to withhold information about hauntings to potential buyers or renters. If an interested party puts money down not knowing that it has a history of paranormal activity they could be awarded in court for a full or partial refund. A large percentage of home hunters shudder at the idea of living somewhere that contains the trapped spirit of a person who died in a tragic death, but for others they welcome the opportunity. A tech company called is banking on this. has developed an app that will allow people to intentionally seek out haunted properties, knowing that the cost will be significantly lower than similar units that have not been the site of a suicide or murder. Inspired by the trendy game Pokemon Go, the app is a fun way for people to look for new places while also giving themselves a scare.

There are so many haunted properties, if you want to walk around and spook yourself you now can, as well as checking out the home you’re already in…if you dare to know the truth about the place you sleep every night that is.


Finally there is a scientific explanation for why some people enjoy being scared. Have you ever noticed how going through a particularly scary haunted house, or waking up in the middle of the night to investigate a strange sound, can sometimes go beyond exciting and fun to feeling almost therapeutic? There’s a scientific reason for why the experience of fear has an exhilarating and then calming effect on the body, and that reason could actually save your life.


Back in the days when the biggest stressor in a human’s day was to avoid being eaten by large animals, the “fight or flight” instinct was brought into play on a daily basis. When a person is confronted by what they believe to be a threat to them, a hormone called epinephrine (aka – adrenaline) is released that raises our heart rates and kicks us into high gear so we can fight off what’s after us, or, at the very least, flee the scene.

This is crucial to survival when we’re in actual danger, but when we know that we’re in a place where nothing can actually harm us, we’re able to just enjoy the sensation without having to, you know, actually fight or run for our lives.


When we’re in a safe place and we know it, it takes less than a second for us to remember we’re not actually in danger, sociologist Margee Kerr said in a quote to the Washington Post. “Then we switch over to enjoying it. It’s kind of euphoria. That’s why you see people go right from screaming to laughing.”


So taking these facts into consideration, you’ve got a good excuse for loading up on scary movies and haunted houses… you’re just testing out your “fight or flight” to make sure it still works for when you really need it.



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That’s everything for today for your weird and unusual Paranormal Pop news update.



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