Paranormal News Update #15

A man who was clinically dead for more than an hour has described how he went to Heaven and was reunited with his dead friend before returning to Earth reported the UK Express. Dr. Gary Wood was 18 years old when he and his sister were involved in a serious car crash. Dr. Wood and his then 16 year old sister Sue were travelling home when he crashed the car into an illegally parked vehicle.

While the younger sister left the crash relatively unscathed, Gary suffered potentially life-ending injuries, including a crushed a larynx and vocal chords, as well as several bones broken.

When paramedics arrived, Dr. Wood was pronounced dead at the scene. However, the “rebellious teen” as he describes himself on his website, still remembers everything so vividly some 50 years later.

Speaking to presenter Sid Roth on his show “It’s Supernatural” Dr. Wood said that after the crash he experienced a lot of pain and then was just relieved of all pain as he died.

Dr. Wood then claims that he ascended to Heaven. He said “Dying is just like taking your clothes off and laying them aside”.

He stepped out of his body, this Earth suit, and then was lifted up and his whole life just passed before his eyes in an instant. Then he was caught in a swirling massive funnel shape cloud that grew brighter. He described dying and ascending to Heaven as ecstasy, peaceful, calm and tranquil.

Then this cloud opened up and he saw this giant golden satellite, suspended in space that the Bible calls Heaven. Dr. Wood, who has authored several books on his supposed experience, said that he was met by an angel that was at least 70 feet tall and stood in front of gates that were 500 miles wide.

He said that the Angel had a sword and beautiful golden hair. There was another Angel inside of the city that was holding some books. There was an exchange between the two Angels and then he was allowed in the city.

He then claims to have been given a tour of Heaven by a friend that had already passed on. Back on Earth his sister was screaming out his name, a scream that he heard from Heaven. His friend told him to go back and with that he shot right back into his body. The paramedics then noticed life signs and he was rushed to the hospital.

Dr. Wood, who has now become a minister was sent back to tell people that Heaven is real.


Even though the holidays are now over I came across this article on Destination America and I’m not sure what you do for the holidays, but here are 5 of the Creepiest Christmas Traditions from around the world.

The Mari Lwyd

In South Wales, one lucky villager is chosen each Christmas Eve to parade around town carrying a horse’s skull decorated with ribbons and mounted on a pole. To make things even more elaborate and terrifying, a white sheet is attached to the back of the skull’s head that covers the person holding it. The skull is call The Mari Lwyd, which stands for the Grey Mare and is a tradition that dates back to 1800 and is said to bring good luck.

Hands off Santa’s cookies

South African families got sick of leaving out cookies for Santa every year only to discover that they had been eaten by kids in the wee hours of the night. To stop this from happening a spooky story was developed and passed from home to home about a fictitious (as far as we know) boy named Danny who snuck Santa’s cookies and was caught by his Grandma and killed.

It’s said that the ghost of Danny haunts the homes of naughty children in South Africa during the holidays.


Good Witch Bad Witch

In Austria and Germany Frau Perchta is a witch who can be either generous or downright evil. It is believed that her story originated from the legend of an Alpine nature goddess who only interacts with humans during Christmas. Today’s incarnation of Perchta makes her appearance during the twelve days of Christmas and doles out rewards to the good or severe punishment to the bad. Sinners are subjected to disembowelment. She’s often portrayed as an ugly old lady in Christmas parades.

Out with the Old

In Guatemala, it’s a holiday tradition for every home to do an extensive house cleaning as a symbol of doing away with the old and making way for the new. At the end of the cleaning the debris from each home in the neighborhood is gathered into a massive pile and then a devil statue is placed on top of it. It’s said that once the pile, statue and all is burnt to a crisp all the year’s bad omens will go along with it.


The Burning Goat

In 1966 the occupants of the small Swedish town Gavle began the tradition of building a brightly lit and festively decorated 40 foot straw goat. As soon as this tradition started though, rebellious town’s folk took up their own in the form of finding new and creative ways to destroy the goat each year. One Christmas someone even attempted to kidnap the goat using a helicopter. So, a tradition that started out nicely enough is now the burning of the goat.

Finally there is another photo that has gone viral this week. A sinister photo of a huge winged Demon along with claims that the devil will spark the apocalypse.

The photo was posted to Facebook by Richard Christianson from Arizona sparking fears that the end is near.

The picture appears to show a shadowy figure the size of a house with large wings and spokes on its head. The image has been viewed over 90 million times. One social media user posted “but with the evil days we live in now, what if it is a demon wreaking evil deeds all around us? Whether you want to believe it or not, these are the END TIMES.”

Another wrote: “looks like a frontline demon!! Where’s this at?”

The eerie photo shows the devil-like creature moments after it reportedly walked down Mr. Christianson’s street in Phoenix.

Others said they saw a man crouched down by the demon’s feet. wrote: “This is disturbing on different levels, because it points to an apocalypse type of a setting. When we start seeing this such as this it can only mean that the world may be coming to an end.”

Passages in the Bible mention demonic entities wandering the Earth in the darkest of days. There are some who think this is in fact not a demon, but that of an angel. Perhaps it is possible, but it has the appearance of something more sinister perhaps because of the setting.

What this demon or angel was doing here is still unexplained. It is possible this thing was intervening with something happening there.

The exact street location is unknown yet. Those on social media have mentioned that the mysterious winged figure is more likely to be an angel from the shape of its wings However, who really knows for certain?

This also comes after Christians claim a solar eclipse in August will trigger the apocalypse.


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That’s everything for today for your weird and unusual Paranormal Pop news update.



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