About Kim Lunansky

Kim is a writer of paranormal fiction books as well as parenting self help books.

Kim has always been intrigued by the things that go bump in the night and has spent years researching and exploring the boundaries of the paranormal. Taking her lifetime of experience, and her creatively fun and magical mind she is able to wind these together into books that are fabulously entertaining, hauntingly realistic as well as questioning the lines of our current reality.

She is married with three wonderful children and one perfect puppy. Learning the curves and challenges of raising children, family life, drama, opposing marital views and incorporating her own background and interests into the mix, she also gives a unique perspective on family life.

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New Release – “Paranormal Axis – Evolution” – Summer 2017

“Paranormal Axis: Re-Animation” – Available Now

“Paranormal Axis: The Sluagh” – Available Now

“How To Teach Your Kids To Swear” – Available Now


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