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Paranormal Pop News #25

Police in Wisconsin Train Their K9 Unit in a Haunted House, WISN in Racine Wisconsin reported.
When you come across a police dog out and about in the world it’s sometimes impossible to resist petting it, but that’s a no-no. When these dogs are on the job as part of a K9 unit they’re all business and focused on the task at hand with nerves of steel that not even treats or head pats can distract them from. The training that goes into them being able to do this is more intense than you would imagine and for the Racine Police Department in Wisconsin, it involves some unusual methods.
According to local news source WISN, the Racine K9 unit is taken to an abandoned haunted house complex in Mount Pleasant to desensitize such things as loud noises, unpredictable situations, and flashing lights. If you’ve ever found yourself getting through a particularly scary haunted house and thought “man, if I could do that, I can do anything,” then you understand how these brave dogs feel at the end of their training.

Destination America shared recently that California Residents claim Chupacabra is stalking their pets.
Some people in Southern California claim their pets are in danger. And the danger is coming in the form of a Chupacabra who is stalking and attacking pets in the area.
Cary Shuker told the Press-Enterprise that he shooed away a hairless creature from near his home in Riverside. He described it as two feet longer “than the biggest coyote you’ve ever seen” and with a tail like a rat.
The creature got angry and hissed and growled and he believes it was a Chupacabra. But what is a Chupacabra?
Also known as the “goat sucker”, the Chupacabra is essentially a vampire creature that feeds on pets and livestock.
Reports claim it stands about four to five feet tall and has long claws, glowing red eyes, and spikes down its back. While some believe that Chupacabra sightings date back to the 1970’s or earlier, the monster actually first appeared in 1995 in Puerto Rico.
And many are saying this isn’t real. Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Maine, said it was likely a coyote with mange or a similar much more common animal.
“DNA results prove these are 100 percent canid (coyotes, foxes, dogs and red wolves), usually with mange, Coleman said.
Still you never know. You just may want to keep your pets inside just in case.


The HuffPost shared that NASA responded to a 9 year old who applied to be a Guardian of the Galaxy. The kid’s application to become “planetary protector” went viral.

Fourth-grader Jack Davis is prepared to take on the interstellar role of planetary protector, and NASA would be happy to use his skills…some day.

Jack, 9, submitted a cover letter to the agency that went viral after a family friend posted a photo of it on Reddit. Jack signed the letter “Guardian of the Galaxy,” and listed some reasons why he thought he’d be a good fit for NASA’s new position: He has seen just about every space and alien movie he can, he’s good at video games, and he’s young so he has time “to learn to think like an alien.”
“One of the reasons is my sister says I am an alien also,” Jack wrote.

Unfortunately the job requirements to be a planetary protector for NASA aren’t quite the same as they are to be a special agent on TV, according to the response Dr. James L. Green, NASA’s director of the planetary science division, sent back to Jack.

“We are always looking for bright future scientists and engineers to help us, so I hope you will study hard and do well in school,” Green wrote in a letter posted online. “We hope to see you here at NASA one of these days!”

The six figure position at NASA is actually about protecting other planets from us humans and all our foreign germs – it involves collecting specimens from across the solar system and bringing them back to Earth.


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Paranormal Axis: Evolution Sneak Peak

With the Paranormal Axis: Evolution published and available for purchase on Amazon, I thought you might enjoy a sneak peak at the final book of the trilogy…

Mike found himself in a very different place from earth. Not a reality like he had been in at the Inn either, this was a dark desolate place, a dimension of the dead.

Everything that had once lived on earth but that was now dead lived here. Trees, animals, people and other worldly creatures that he had never seen before, all dead. Like a world of zombies, only they weren’t interested in eating your brains.

There was no color, everything was in tones of grey’s and black. The only light came from a constant electrical storm crackling and sparking in the sky.

Most of the beings here seemed all very negative, either crying and sad, hostile and angry or just scared and lost. It definitely wasn’t anybody’s happy place.

When Mike had first died the Grim Reaper had tried to take him and the other freed spirits but it didn’t take long for the Angel’s to swoop down. They flew down and scooped up all of the innocent souls like an eagle would catch its lunch.

The Reaper fought hard, but was no match up against so many of these angelic birds of prey. The Angels took most of the Reapers souls, leaving only a couple for him to transport to a different, much more unthinkable place.

While all of this chaos had been going on, that’s when Mike had spoken to Emma. It was brief but it was long enough to attach himself to his ring.

Then at that very moment one of the Angels swooped down beside him.

“We cannot take only part of a human. As long as you are fractured and part of you is attached to that ring you are bound to wander in purgatory, never moving forward.

When you have completed your journey, let go of the ring and we will come for you. Be warned though, the longer you stay in purgatory the more confused and attached you will become to the ring until you cannot and do not want to let it go. Once that happens you will be lost with no help, or hope in purgatory forever” the Angel warned me.

I had heard what he said, but the entire time I was just in awe of the beauty of this creature. It had no color other than its eyes. Everything was a radiant glowing white. There was no skin color, no hair color, nothing unique or different about any of them, just the most fantastic mystical grey eyes. The Angels were in a half human half bird like form – oddly enough similar to the Sluagh, only very beautiful. The wing span was massive, the feet were talons but the hands were human. As I stood in front of this Angel and heard everything it said to me, at no time did I have any fear.

It gave off a feeling of love in gradient waves from the white light shimmering off its silky and flowing body and the spirit behind those grey endless eyes drew me in more. The pureness of this love and being was something I had never known before.

Then it stopped speaking. It had given its warning to me and was then gone as fast as it came.

The Grim Reaper hadn’t stuck around either. He had gone as quickly as he could. He wasn’t waiting for me, at least any place that I could see. I didn’t want to stick around to find out if he would come back though.

This is when the new awareness of purgatory became my current reality. With that love and light gone it was almost like I had fallen into a void where I was emotionless and stunned from the experience.

I watched the electrical storm zapping with an almost elegantly dangerous attraction but I managed to shake myself out of my stupor and remember the ring.

As soon as I thought of it I felt it tingling on my finger. I had to find where it was. I felt inside that I just knew where I had to go to find it. I sensed it, almost as if the ring was calling out to me, telling me or magnetically pulling me toward it.

I allowed the attraction to the ring to lead me forward. Making my way through the dismal dreary and almost apocalyptic domain I was careful not to disrupt any of the other beings.

It didn’t take me long though to figure out that I had someone or something on my tail.

It was following like a wispy shadow that darts about from the corner of your eyes. The second you look it’s vanished and you weren’t sure if you saw something or if it was your imagination. The faster I walked and the more determined I was, the more interested this shadow was. At some point it must have decided that it wanted to reveal itself to me because it stopped just long enough for me to fully see it.

The shadowy figure was an elf. It looked young and curious but then was gone as quickly as it had come. I knew it continued to follow me but I tried to keep my head down even more now and not make eye contact with anything. With an intrigued elf spying on me I rushed off into the foggy abyss. I didn’t know the way, but I knew where I would end up.

As I walked on I realized and whispered quietly to myself…

“The ring is at the Inn and the others will be there too.”

Paranormal Pop News Update #24

Beyond Reality News reported that actor Rob Lowe claims he was almost killed by a Big Foot type creature while filming his new paranormal reality series.
After Bates Motel concluded its 5th season run earlier this year, A & E made the decision to end production of scripted projects to focus exclusively on “reality” programming (which has always been the cable network’s bread and butter). Still they’re retaining some horror sensibilities with a new paranormal reality tv series a la The X-Files…The Lowe Files featuring Rob Lowe crisscrossing the US with his sons, looking for the truth behind some of America’s most enduring mysteries.
“If you put Anthony Bourdain in a blender with Scooby Doo, you’d get the tone of this show,” Lowe told Entertainment Weekly.
The new docuseries (is the) actor’s first foray into reality television, fronting a family affair that sees him traversing the country with his sons, Matthew and John Owen, as they probe into a slew of mysterious phenomena – from the exploration of an underwater alien base off the coast of Malibu to working with an esteemed shaman at Preston Castle, a reportedly haunted reformatory for boys – with curiosity, science, and a well-reared sense of humor (and the appropriate amount of skepticism as well).
Most exciting (and unbelievable) are Lowe’s claims that the 9-episode series will culminate in a real-life documented confrontation with a Sasquatch (aka Bigfoot).
“We had an incredible encounter with what locals call the wood ape, which is in the Ozark Mountains. I’m fully aware that I sound like I’m a crazy Hollywood kook right now. (I was) genuinely terrified… I was lying on the ground thinking I was going to be killed.”
The Lowe Files premieres on A & E on Wednesday August 2nd.

Destination America shared recently that Dead People’s Things is a store that specializes in treasures from the deceased.
The town of Millersville, Tennessee is home to a very unique store that specializes in rare items obtained from scounging through the houses, barns, and cars of people who have died. The name of the store, Dead People’s Things, leaves no doubt in a person’s mind that they’re offering up more than just your run of the mill estate sale experience. Among some of the more unusual items found in the shop are a selection of haunted dolls (all listed at $13 a piece), taxidermy, vintage toys, and a battered saw with the words “tattoo removal” painted on it.
Shayne Parker friend/business partner John Baker say that their love of hunting down unusual items is kept in check by the constantly rotating stock of the store. As fast as they can fill it up, the items get purchased, which then allows them to go and continue the hunt…which is the best part.
“We sell at great prices so we can get money to buy more junk”, Parker says in a quote to The Tennessean. “I like to say we are ‘temporary hoarders.’ We say the business feeds our junk addiction.”
Sounds like a trip to Tennessee may be in the works for the avid collectors out there.


Dread reported recently that The Conjuring 3 is departing from the style of the previous two entries.

Both of James Wan’s The Conjuring films are masterfully crafted slices of haunted house terror. Something about the way he shoots his films fills you with complete dread and terror as you fear for all characters involved.

His secret is that the scripts he directs demand that we take the time to get to know all of the people in the story. And not just know them, but become a part of their lives, their rituals. When these people become endangered, our terror is so strong because we truly care about the characters that are at peril.

For the third entry, the formula of Ed and Lorraine Warren helping to cleanse a haunted house is going to change as producer Peter Safran feels that the series needs to go in a new direction. Speaking with CinemaBlend, Safran stated, “There are some cases that maybe aren’t as well known, but they spent a fair bit of time researching and were part of them. Clearly we can’t do another haunted house movie. We can’t do another supernatural possession in a house, with a family in peril. So, it’s got to be something different than that.”

Considering the wide variety of supernatural phenomena that have been reported across the world throughout the ages, it seems clear that the third film will avoid ghosts in favor of something else. Perhaps more can be gleaned by Wan’s assertion that The Conjuring 3 “…has got to be set in the ‘80’s? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


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Paranormal Pop News Update # 23

AM Coast to Coast reported that the Flat Earth Billboard Campaign is spreading.
An inventive campaign by Flat Earth conspiracy theorists to catch the attention of motorists via billboards has spread to Oklahoma.
Over the next month, drivers cruising down the highway near the Tulsa International Airport may spot an electronic ad which asks the question, “is the earth flat?”
Unlike the previous billboard which appeared in Philadelphia earlier this month and simply said “Research Flat Earth”, this particular message also includes information on a Facebook group where people can do just that.
As one can surmise, the billboard was purchased by that group, specifically one dedicated member who paid $1,500 for the months worth of ad space.
If you’re feeling left out because your city doesn’t have a Flat Earth billboard yet, you may not have to wiat much longer as the group promises Denver and Phoenix will soon get similar ads and that many more communities are being considered for the campaign.
So keep your eyes peeled if you’re taking a road trip over the next while because you just might see a message from the Flat Earth folks.
Coast insiders who may be inspired by the billboard campaign can check out researcher Mark Sargent’s appearance on the May 21, 2015 edition of the program, where he detailed the Flat Earth concept which has become enormously popular in recent years. reported that scientists may have finally cracked the greatest mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle.
They mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle, a place where hundreds of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under unexplained circumstances, might have finally been solved – at least that’s what a Science Channel show claims.
A team of American scientists from the University of Colorado analyzed satellite weather images of this notorious area and noticed a series of unusual hexagonal clouds on them. The meteorologists theorized that these clouds may act as real “air bombs”.
It is believed they are the main cause of the deadly blasts of air which can easily exceed 170 miles per hour. These hurricane-force winds literally “blow up” the air and can generate waves of more than 45 feet in height.
No ship is able to survive such a storm, and no aircraft is able to withstand such a wind.
Clouds don’t typically form straight edges. However, judging by the satellite images the Bermuda Triangle is an exception to this rule. The announcement of this theory has motivated a lot of further research. Scientists from all over the globe are trying to figure out what the reasons are for such anomalies.
Let us recall that the Bermuda Triangle is a large area of the Atlantic Ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. This region is notorious for its mysterious phenomena. Reports go back to 1945 when five American torpedo bombers and a plane that was sent out to find them vanished without a trace. Since that day, another 75 aircraft and several hundred ships have been lost. The latest tragedy happened in 2015 when the cargo ship “El Faro” disappeared in the region.


Nick Groff posted the following to his Facebook page in response to some rumors going around about his show Ghosts of Shepherdstown…

Hi Everyone: I started to see some questions about the authenticity of Ghosts of Shepherdstown, and I just want to clear the air for you all as we go into Season 2 next week.
My fellow investigators, Bill Hartley and Elizabeth Saint and I work closely with production, the local researcher, Dana Mitchell and the town of Shepherdstown to ensure that all witness’ stories are told accurately. All of the witness accounts that we investigate are real.
Unfortunately, an online outlet took a quote from Marianne Davis, the director of the Shepherdstown visitor’s center, out of context from an interview that Marianne gave to a local newspaper earlier this year. Marianne was not interviewed by this outlet, nor any other that shared the story.
Marianne is a lovely person who cares passionately about her community and has been a great resource and ally for us filming. After talking with her today, Marianne said, “We’re looking forward to the new season, and introducing new visitors from around the world to Shepherdstown”. And to help her set the record straight, I wanted to share the full context of what Marianne said when she did an interview that she never states, “Parts of Ghosts of Shepherdstown are staged and fake” as referenced by other online outlets.

The original article can be accessed on or by the link on Nick’s Facebook page.

Nick finished his post by saying thanks to all his supporters and he hopes you’ll tune in on Monday night 10/9c to watch the Season 2 premiere on Destination America.

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Paranormal News Update #22

This story has been making its way all over social media but I first saw it on Mysterious

Make $64,000 per year as a Nanny in a Haunted House.

What scares you more? Toddlers or a haunted house? How about toddlers in a haunted house? If none of that fazes you there’s a $64,000 a year nanny job waiting for you in Scotland. A family is advertising around the world for a nanny to care for their two kids and multiple ghosts after losing five previous nannies in less than 12 months. How bad can it be?

We have lived in our home for nearly 10 years. We were told it was “haunted” when we bought it but kept our minds open and decided to buy the house regardless. Five nannies have left the role in the last year, each citing supernatural incidents as the reason. Including strange noises, broken glass and furniture moving.

The anonymous ad was placed on the nanny locating site by a couple in Jedburgh Roxburghshire. Owners of the site noticed a lot of activity on the ad and assumed it had to do with the generous annual salary and 28 days of vacation plus bank holidays. Then they read the fine print.

“We haven’t personally experienced any supernatural happenings, as they have been reported only while we’ve been out of the house, but we’re happy to pay above the asking rate, and feel it’s important to be as up-front as possible to find the right person.”

$64,000! Keep repeating this over and over as you fill out the application. The nice couple points out that there’s a spectacular view of the Scottish Borders. It’s a spacious historic property and you get your own “comfortable room with en-suite bathroom and private kitchen.”

While you’re thinking about all the ways you can spend that money in Scotland, you probably overlooked the fact that there’s not much in the ad about the ghosts, other than the ‘strange noises, broken glass and furniture moving.’ Was someone murdered there? Is it built on an old cemetary? Some royal scandal hidden there?

$64,000, Twenty eight days vacation, your own bathroom with a view!

“We are keen to find the perfect long term nanny, so if you’d like to be considered for this rewarding and exciting position, please do get in touch with us.’

Just don’t look out the window after dark!


Destination America reported that Harry Potter fans are claiming that a dementor was seen flying across the moon.

Before we get into the crux of this story we first need to go over a key definition. Harry Potter universe there exists a thing called a dementor. According to the fandom wiki page for the Potter books a dementor is among the foulest creature to walk the earth. They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope and happiness out of the air around them… “Get too near a dementor and every good feeling, every happy memory will be sucked out of you.”

Video footage has recently emerged online of a mysterious shape flying across the face of the moon that theorists are saying is most likely one of these dementors.

The video which is believed to have been shot from an observatory in Oman, is creating quite a stir among UFO and Harry Potter enthusiasts alike. While many people are convinced that the object could be nothing other than a dementor, there are conflicting theories pointing towards it actually being a space squid or merely contrails from an airplane. What do you think? Should we be getting our wands ready, or is there a more logical explanation for this?

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