Halloween Fun

Halloween at my place is like everything else I do – extremely overdone! I enjoy going over the top with the decorations, dressing up and all the related fun activities too. I start every year by putting the decorations out, usually in the end of September. If you read my earlier post about Halloween, decorating usually starts with some kind of vengeful action on my part towards my husband.  In my defense if he wasn’t so irritating I would not feel the need for revenge so strongly!

Over the last 5 or 6 weeks we have decorated the yard, been to the pumpkin patch, gone through a haunted maze, participated in a murder mystery evening, decorated the interior of our house, gone costume shopping, created costumes for those who were unsuccessful at finding something in a store, carved pumpkins and of course trick or treated.

Of course this year we all had to deal with the wrath of the Frankenstorm Sandy as well. We had to remove many of our outdoor decorations and prepare for the worst. We ended up being very lucky though as she came through with her winds and rain our experience was a much milder version than most folks had and certainly did not even compare to the devastation on the coastline.

For the first time that I can ever remember many cities are moving Halloween.  So for those of you who have already done your trick or treating, I hope you had a great time and for those of you who will be trick or treating in the very near future I hope you have a great time.

For everyone that has been touched by the Frankenstorm Sandy, I am sending prayers and love to you all.


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